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Thank you for your visit. Atripper is a personal experimental audiovisual development project that started in September 2018.

Along that path, I have sought and developed new ways of doing things. Doing multiple integration of various softwares and many development and comprehension tests on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Atripper is financed autonomously on my part, if you want to make a voluntary donation so that I can continue creating free content for platforms, I will know how to thank you.

My great passion for Music, Design and culture are very present in the videos in multiple subtle references that are present in all the videos. The videos were digitally constructed using green screen digital integration techniques, combined photographs of places in the world where I have been, digital retouching and other techniques.






#AtripperPlus: (Youtube) 4K Videos, 60 FPS, oriented to be used in 4K SmartTV, Computers and big screens


#AtripperPocket: (Youtube) 9:16 aspect ratio vertical video and 8D audio, oriented to be used in SmartPhones, Tablets, and vertical screens.


#AtripperPrime (Vimeo) Vimeo channel with videos for audiences with trained criteria. 5K Resolution, 60 FPS, 8D Audio

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