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4K Music Videos Youtube channel project

 Deep House, Dance, Rock Music. Fashion Models, Bikini and More

Resolution Videos:

1920x1080 pxs (HD)

3840 x 2160 pxs (Ultra HD)

FPS: 30 - 60

3D VR Videos: Yes

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Additional material with extras not listed on YouTube Channel.

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Rock City

Turn up the decibels and let the power of rock pass through you with this selection.


Disco Inferno

Throw a good party with this selection of dance music and beautiful models.

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The Bing Bang Babes

Beautiful models and good music in this classic and creative section of the channel.


Ranked VIdeos

Enjoy a playlist with the most viewed videos on YouTube of the channel.

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Last Releases

Discover the musical news and beautiful models that we have recently launched on the channel.

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AXEL TRIPPER WALLPAPERS​ Decorate your screen with these beautiful 4K backgrounds

Axel Tripper Fashion Girl - Wallpaper
Axel Tripper Sci-Fi Cute Girl
Axel Tripper - Stage (Light Mode)
Axel Tripper Stage (Dark Mode) - Wallpaper
Axel Tripper Rock Band - Wallpaper
Axel Tripper ipod Abstract - Wallpaper
Axel Tripper Blonde Fashion Girl - wallpaper