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4K Vertical YouTube Channel

Ropa fashion y bikinis de alta costura para mujer.

SwimWear Colors

SwimWear Colors Project VIdeo

SwimWear Colors Es un proyecto de video vertical basado en 3D effect parallax y que adicionalmente aprovecha la nueva función de zoom de YouTube.

El canal permite al público femenino ver prendas de ropa de manera atractiva que después puede comprar.


Software used: Apple Final Cut, Apple Motion, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Techniques used: Chroma Key (Green Screen), Parallax, Advanced Ken Burns, Special Effects (VFX), Special Color Filters and more.

Resolution Videos: 4K (1613x2160 pxs) 30 FPS

3D Effect Parallax: Yes

Upload Frequency: Weekly

Platform: YouTube

Language: Spanis/English

Subtiles: Yes (Caption Format CC)

Chapters: Yes

Custom Thumbanils: Yes

SEO Optimized: Yes

Tags: Yes



Swimwear Colors Patreons

Special Thanks to: Lucarparc, Zohtve, Neal Standley, Macarena S, Christian S, Felipe J., A Madariaga, Vero L, Frank Armstrong

Disclaimer: If for any unintentional reason there is any kind of copyright infringement other than section 107 use of intellectual property with fair use penalties. I ask you to contact me indicating the link of the video and indicating the seconds in question. Within a period of no more than 72 hours, the situation will be resolved and if we consider it appropriate, the material will be removed from YouTube. (Making illegal claims is against the law and can enable us to take legal action if necessary) see more info

SWIMWEAR COLORS development by - Santiago - Chile

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